Ride Safety Redefined: A Guide to ACE Controls’ Cutting-Edge Safety Products for Amusement Park Rides

When it comes to safety features in amusement park rides, there’s no room for error or product failure. That’s why ACE Controls offers innovative safety solutions designed to elevate your rider’s protection to unparalleled heights. Our range of Safety Products include safety shock absorbers to enable smooth emergency stops, safety bumpers that can prevent catastrophic emergency events without jarring stops, and clamping elements that can provide braking force for rides in a variety of applications. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help, this guide can show you how important it is to choose the best when preparing for the worst possible outcomes.

Safety Shock Absorbers

Safety shock absorbers are the tried and tested low cost method of preventing occasional emergency stops in amusement park rides. Designed for occasional use, they primarily serve as reliable, effective protection from emergency stop situations. One of the primary benefits of using ACE Safety Shock Absorbers is that they do not require maintenance and are ready to install immediately. With a typical product service life of 1,000 loads, these shock absorbers have an enormous potential lifetime to protect your riders from harm. Thanks to the wide range of product sizes and capacities, ACE Controls can help you find the perfect safety shock absorber for any amusement park ride.

Safety Bumpers

To ensure that rides come to a complete stop and don’t overrun the barriers in emergencies, ACE Controls has developed Safety Bumpers that can withstand tremendous force while still providing effective motion control. The most important quality to consider when looking at ACE Controls’ Safety Bumpers is whether the product is for a catastrophic emergency event or if it needs to be used multiple times. The TUBUS Profile Dampers, for instance, can be used many times to prevent uncontrolled stopping but other safety bumpers are one-time uses only. No matter which product you use, you can count on ACE Controls’ safety products to protect your riders should emergency situations arise. 

Clamping Elements

ACE Controls’ safety clamping elements can help create a precise braking force for rides in emergency situations. The ACE LOCKED solutions come in a variety of sizes, applications, and can function both linearly and via rotary. No matter what kind of ride you need safely decelerated in an emergency, ACE Controls Clamping Elements can help you smoothly stop without harming your riders. This includes conventional rail, rod, rotation clamping and safety functions for Z-axes, which reliably help secure axes with a gravitational load.


No matter which kind of safety product you need, ACE Controls provides the precision, reliability, and emergency motion control solutions you need to make these rides not only exhilarating but also exceptionally safe. If you are developing an amusement park ride and need to ensure rider safety, ACE Controls’ cutting-edge safety products can ensure your rides are built on a foundation of uncompromising safety.