A Handy Guide For ACE Controls’ Many Shock Absorbers

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on ACE Controls’ extensive collection of shock absorbers! With hundreds of different shock absorbers available on the website, it can feel overwhelming to sift through the many options. This guide can help you easily understand the many different categories and lines of shock absorbers, matching you with your perfect motion control solution. Whether you’re interested in our miniature shock absorbers, industrial shock absorbers, or even heavy industrial shock absorbers, we can provide you with the valuable insights you need to optimize your systems for improved performance. And if you don’t see the right solution for your motion control problem, you can get in touch with our technical experts to build the perfect custom shock absorber for your application. So, let’s dive in and explore ACE Controls’ shock absorbers!

Miniature Shock Absorbers

The miniature lines of shock absorbers from ACE Controls offer a compact and space-efficient solution, making them ideal for applications with limited space. They are suitable for lighter loads, providing cost-effective deceleration and control. Their easy integration, versatility, and precise load deceleration make them well-suited for handling devices, rotary actuators, and linear cylinders. Additionally, their maintenance-free operation reduces downtime and maintenance costs. Consideration of space constraints, lighter loads, integration flexibility, precision control, and maintenance requirements can guide the choice towards ACE Controls’ miniature shock absorbers.

Some common applications include electronics, robotics, medical equipment, as well as food and beverage machinery.

Industrial Shock Absorbers

When comparing the different shock absorber lines, size is the most important consideration. While the miniature line is suitable for compact and small-scale applications, and the heavy industrial line addresses high-force situations, the industrial shock absorbers bridge the gap between these extremes. They provide a reliable and versatile solution for a wide range of damping needs. With their ability to evenly decelerate moving loads over the full stroke, these shock absorbers offer optimal braking force and minimal braking time. They are designed to withstand moderate to substantial forces, making them ideal for applications that fall within this range. Additionally, the industrial shock absorbers incorporate innovative features like diaphragm accumulators, long life seals, and hardened inner pressure chambers to extend service life and enhance load range capabilities. When facing damping requirements that aren’t extraordinarily large or small, ACE Controls’ industrial shock absorber line is the dependable choice that ensures reliable performance and efficient load control.

As the most common motion control solution, industrial shock absorbers are widely used across almost every industry, including automotive, aerospace, robotics, material handling, manufacturing, mining, railway, energy, and even amusement parks.

Heavy Industrial Shock Absorbers

Heavy industrial shock absorbers are necessary when dealing with significantly heavier loads and more demanding applications than the normal industrial shock absorbers can handle. Heavy industrial shock absorbers are specifically designed to handle and control the deceleration of these heavy loads, providing enhanced performance and reliability. They are essential for applications where the absorption of significant amounts of energy is required to prevent damage, minimize vibrations, and enhance equipment longevity.

Common applications for heavy industrial shock absorbers include heavy machinery, automation, and large scale manufacturing.

Miniature Shock Absorbers

ACE Controls has a diverse range of Miniature Shock Absorber lines designed to control motion on smaller scales. The MC Line stands out with its compact and efficient design, providing short overall lengths and low return forces. For hermetically sealed shock absorbers, the PMCN Line features a compact cap that ensures perfect sealing. The SC Line specializes in ‘soft contact’ damping, offering gentle impact absorption at varying capacity. With the MA Line, customers can benefit from adjustable shock absorbers that can be fine-tuned when requirements change. The 3/8×1 line presents a wide weight range and high energy capacity. If you need a shock absorber for PET stretch blow machines, the PET line was built specifically for these operations, with an extended service life and impressive operational longevity. Lastly, the OPT Line is ideal for compact and efficient designs, providing lightweight and corrosion-resistant shock absorbers.

MC Line

  • Self-Compensating
  • Some with Rolling Diaphragm and Corrosion Resistance 
  • Energy capacity and Stroke vary by product

See Miniature MC Line





  • Hermetically Sealed, Self-Compensating, Rolling Diaphragm Technology
  • Energy capacity 175 in-lbs/Cycle to 1,200 in-lbs/Cycle
  • Stroke 0.50 in to 1.00 in

See PMCN Line




SC Line

  • “Soft Contact” design for minimal impact
  • SC² Products Use Piston Tube Technology
  • Energy capacity and Stroke vary by product

See Miniature SC Line




MA Line

  • Adjustable
  • Energy capacity 31 in-lbs/Cycle to 900 in-lbs/Cycle
  • Stroke 0.28 in to 1.58 in

See MA Line





  • Adjustable
  • Energy capacity 600 in-lbs/Cycle
  • Stroke 1 in

See 3/8×1 Line




PET Line

  • Optimized for PET stretch blow machines
  • Energy capacity 500 in-lbs/Cycle
  • Stroke 0.68 in to 0.74 in

See PET Line




OPT Line

  • Corrosion protection, Self-Compensating, Light Weight
  • Energy capacity 930 in-lbs/Cycle
  • Stroke 1.00 in

See OPT Line




Industrial Shock Absorbers

Within the Industrial Shock Absorber lines, the MC Line stands out with its latest damper technology, offering self-compensating shock absorbers that can include stainless steel corrosion resistance or extreme temperature protection. The SC Line combines proven sealing technology from the MAGNUM range with piston tube technology, providing strong and durable absorber models. The MA/ML Line offers adjustable shock absorbers that can be precisely adjusted at the front and rear, contributing to the success of the MAGNUM range. The SALD Line is designed for high-speed moving machines and features built-in external positive stops for damage prevention and reliable work positioning. These different lines of shock absorbers from ACE Controls provide distinct features and capabilities to cater to a wide range of industrial applications.

MC Line

  • Self Compensating
  • Some built for corrosion or extreme temperature protection
  • Stroke and Energy Capacity vary by product

See MC Line




SC Line

  • Self-Compensating, Piston Tube Technology
  • Energy capacity 1,372 In-lbs/Cycle to 6,019 in-lbs/Cycle
  • Stroke 0.91 in to 1.91 in

See SC Line




MA/ML Line

  • Adjustable front and back
  • Energy capacity 1,505 in-lbs/Cycle to 60,008 in-lbs/Cycle
  • Stroke 0.91 in to 5.91 in

See MA/ML Line





  • High energy absorption and a wide effective weight range
  • Energy capacity 1,350 in-lbs/Cycle to 48,000 in-lbs/Cycle
  • Stroke 1 in to 6 in

See SALD Line




Heavy Industrial Shock Absorbers

While both the CA2 to CA4 series and the A1 1/2 to A3 series of heavy industrial shock absorbers are great solutions for heavier loads, there are a few key differences. The CA series stands out for its self-compensating design, which reacts to changing energy conditions without manual adjustment. With a focus on robustness and large energy absorption capacities, the CA series is well-suited for heavy industrial engineering applications where precise stopping power is essential. On the other hand, the A1 1/2 to A3 series offers adjustable damping rates, providing flexibility and adaptability to specific applications. These shock absorbers can be fine-tuned using a socket on the absorber base, making them ideal for heavy-duty applications where usage data is not yet precisely determined.

CA2 To CA4 Series

  • Self-Compensating
  • Energy capacity 21,000 in-lbs/Cycle to 1,120,000 in-lbs/Cycle
  • Stroke 2 in to 16 in

See CA2 To CA4 Line



A1 1/2 to A3

  • Adjustable
  • Energy capacity 21,000 in-lbs/Cycle to 390,000 in-lbs/Cycle
  • Stroke 2.00 in to 12.00 in

See A1 1/2 to A3 Line