Common Applications For Gas Springs

When it comes to lifting or lowering heavy loads with control and ease, nothing beats the reliability and efficiency of industrial gas springs. ACE Controls, a leading motion and automation control company, offers a range of high-quality gas springs designed to support sheer muscle power and provide smooth, maintenance-free operation. In this article, we’ll explore the versatility and common applications of ACE Controls’ push type and pull type gas springs, which are critical to a variety of different industries.

Push Type Gas Springs

ACE Controls’ push type gas springs are the go-to choice for applications requiring precision control and reliable force support. With a wide range of body diameters from 0.31″ to 2.76″ (8 to 70 mm) and forces ranging from 2 to 2,925 lbs. (10 to 13,000 N), these gas springs offer unparalleled variety, longevity, and gas spring load capacity. The availability of multiple connections and fittings ensures effortless installation and integration into various setups.

Industrial Applications and Automation:

Push-type gas springs serve as indispensable components within industrial machinery, providing smooth lifting and lowering actions for hatches, access covers, and safety guards. By generating a controlled pushing force, ACE Controls’ push-type gas springs ensure that these components can be effortlessly engaged or disengaged, thereby streamlining maintenance operations, facilitating equipment adjustments, and ensuring the safety of operators.
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Machine Building:

In the machine building sector, push type gas springs assist in the controlled motion of various components, contributing to the overall efficiency and safety of the equipment. Applications include specialized machine designs, like CNC machining centers or robotic arms, where their ability to deliver consistent and repeatable forces contributes to seamless automation, improved accuracy, and overall operational excellence within the machine building sector.


Electronics and Automotive Sector:

In the electronics sector, gas springs are employed for ease of movement, such as adjusting monitor screens, device housings, display panels, and equipment compartments. In the automotive industry, these gas springs prove indispensable for tailgates, hoods, and trunk lids, delivering consistent and reliable pushing forces that streamline user experience while adhering to safety standards.


Furniture Industries:

ACE Controls’ push type gas springs can also enhance the usability of office chairs, adjustable desks, and cabinets, offering ergonomic benefits to users without concerns for user hazards.




Medical Technology:

Medical devices often require precise and gentle movements, making push type gas springs ideal for patient tables, hospital beds, and surgical equipment. Specific lines of ACE Controls’ Gas Springs are cleared for use in medical clean room environments, providing additional support without endangering patient health.
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Food and Shipbuilding Industries:

ACE push type gas springs find applications in food processing equipment, ship hatches, and marine components, where durability and reliability are paramount. The GS-8-V4A to GS-40-VA gas springs use FDA approved food safe oil, allowing for a safe handling of food products.

Pull Type Gas Springs

When space constraints pose a challenge, ACE pull type gas springs come to the rescue. These compact springs, with body diameters ranging from 0.59″ to 1.57″ (15 to 40 mm) and forces between 7 to 1125 lb (30 and 5,000 N), are designed for traction and work in the opposite direction of push type springs.

Industrial Applications and Automation:

In tight spaces and limited access scenarios, pull type gas springs provide controlled motion for tool trays, access panels, and compact machinery components. This enables smooth and safe operations in tight spaces without compromising accessibility.



Machine Building and Test Equipment:

Pull-type gas springs play a pivotal role in the domains of machine building and test equipment. In machine building, these versatile devices ensure controlled motion of access panels, hinged components, and tool changers, enhancing operational efficiency while maintaining the integrity of machinery. They provide counterbalancing forces, ensuring stable and precise positioning of various components without sacrificing performance.



Medical Technology and Electronics:

Pull-type gas springs play a vital role in the realm of medical equipment, contributing to the design and functionality of various devices that prioritize precision, safety, and ease of use. ACE Control’s gas springs enable controlled and smooth movement of components such as adjustable beds, examination tables, and ergonomic patient chairs, ensuring optimal patient comfort and efficient clinical workflows.
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Furniture Industries:

ACE pull type gas springs are suitable for space-saving solutions in furniture designs for controlled movements such as lids, flaps, or doors. This allows for ease of access without concerns for sudden, uncontrolled movement.



ACE Controls’ industrial gas springs, both push type and pull type, revolutionize the way loads are lifted and lowered across various industries. With their reliability, smooth motion, and easy installation, these gas springs have become essential components in industrial automation, medical technology, electronics, automotive, and more. Whether it’s ensuring safety in industrial applications, optimizing ergonomics in office furniture, or meeting stringent requirements in specialized industries, ACE Controls’ gas springs continue to be the smart choice for controlled motion and automation needs.