Cutting Edge Autonomous Alphabot Uses Hydraulic Dampers

A remarkable advancement in automation, Alphabot has transformed the way workers retrieve items from warehouse shelves at Walmart. Alert Innovation, an e-Grocery Micro-Fulfillment Company, expertly designed this custom, unique solution to enable efficiency for grocery order picking within Walmart’s vast 20,000 sq. foot warehouses. Equipped with Hydraulic Dampers from ACE Controls Inc, Alphabot easily transitions between vertical and horizontal motion. This allows the Alphabot to quickly navigate through any environment and ensures the necessary flexibility to reach the exact items requested.

This flexibility built into ACE Controls Inc’s hydraulic dampers is due in part to precision fine-tuning that allows Alphabot to accurately refine its motor functions. Armed with adjustable dampers, Alphabot can seamlessly navigate warehouses, collect items, and assemble orders with ease. Outfitted with a broad selection of end fittings, the hydraulic damper is built to be easy to mount, with a broad selection of end fittings to meet your needs. The damper can also be universally deployed for damping swinging masses, such as in power or free conveyors. These features allow Alphabot to switch gears with accuracy and better navigate the shelves of products.

The HB-22-50 hydraulic damper is necessary for Alphabot to maintain performance over time. It supports a compression force of 404.66 pounds, can be adjusted easily, and can be finely tuned for different speeds. The adaptability of the hydraulic damper allows end-users like Alert Innovation to adjust parameters and customize builds to specific needs of evolving customers, like Walmart.

If you are developing autonomous systems that need flexible, accurate dampers like Alphabot, ACE Controls Inc can help you run faster, more efficiently, quieter, safer, and more sustainably. As market leaders in quality and service for industrial shock absorbers, gas springs, hydraulic dampers, safety shock absorbers, rubber-metal mounts, and innovative solutions in damping technology and vibration isolation, ACE Controls Inc is happy to develop the custom solutions that your projects need, no matter how innovative.

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Featured Photo provided by Alert Innovations