An Easy Guide to ACE Control’s Online Calculation Tools

At ACE Controls, we strive to provide you with the digital tools that can quickly match you with the perfect damping product, such as our online calculation tools for shock absorbers, gas springs, hydraulic dampers, and safety shock absorbers. While it might seem daunting at first, these invaluable calculators can provide you with an interactive guide to help identify the right hydraulic damper, shock absorber, or gas spring for your application. If you get stuck or confused after reading this guide, please contact our application engineers for a free consultation. We can even work with you to build custom products if your needs are outside of our normal product line!

To start out with, you need to collect broad details about the functions and dynamics of your placement. 

  • Where will the motion need to be controlled? 
  • What kind of configuration are you using?
  • Are there any specific temperature requirements that need to be accounted for?

Additional necessary information can be found inside the calculator page that applies to your situation. If you need help measuring the levels of vibration and shock, ACE Controls has released an app called VibroChecker  which is specifically designed to help you detect vibration and shock.

As you fill out your information, the calculator will update  the models automatically and identify the precise tool you need for the job. Anticipating needs for more nuanced information, ACE has built some calculators to utilize 3D models that will visualize the exact movements in your space. As soon as you hit the “Calculate” button, your recommended product will appear below. 

Once you’ve connected with the proper product for your job, ACE Control’s online catalog is specially equipped with the information you need to order, plan, and install your damping solution. You can find CAD drawings, mounting instructions, and other technical details that you might need to properly utilize your motion control system. As always, if you have any questions you can connect directly with ACE engineers by filling out a form or calling the ACE Controls offices!