Controlling Unwanted Vibration—No Matter Your Application

In many cases, machine vibration is unavoidable. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with it. At ACE Controls, we can help you solve your unwanted vibration problems using our leveling mounts, damping pads and rubber-metal isolators.

No matter your application, we’ve got you covered. From chocolate factories to saunas, let’s take a look at some of the applications that feature our vibration control components:

Leveling mounts stabilize an opera projector. A mobile 3D HDD projector used by an opera production company became virtually unusable whenever it moved across the tiled floor. Due to the bumpy movement, the image quality deteriorated.

This challenge was solved with the help of our PLM pneumatic leveling mounts, which achieve perfect leveling via an integrated valve and handle low-frequency vibrations starting at 5 Hz.

Rubber-metal isolators promote peace in a sauna. Our rubber-metal isolators prevented unwanted noise in a sauna that utilized a mill wheel to draw water. The wheel’s motors and gears caused the stainless-steel housing to vibrate, but our Flex Locs isolators eliminated any noise—ensuring the sauna maintained its peace and quiet.

This series incorporates a releasable pop-rivet connection and fail-safe design to effectively isolate vibrations in different directions.

Mounts reduce intense vibrations in a chocolate factory. Residents who lived near a chocolate manufacturing facility felt the intense vibrations and oscillations of the machinery. Despite numerous tests, the manufacturer couldn’t find a solution that could isolate vibrations below 20 Hz—until they came across our PLM pneumatic leveling mounts. Now, vibrations are down 80 percent.

Damping pads protect employees from noisy pumps. In one hydropower plant, screw pumps were hitting 86-dB noise levels—causing the entire facility to vibrate and disturbing many employees. Inserting our SLAB damping pads between the screw head and pump reduced this noise by 6.6 dB. Considering a 10-dB reduction in noise halves the volume, this was a big step forward in employee safety.

These are just a few of the many case examples that feature our vibration control technology. To learn more about our capabilities and products, visit our application webpage.