Industrial Shock Absorbers Protect Ski Cross Training Machine From Damage

Ski cross is an increasingly popular alpine skiing competition that incorporates various elements of skiing, including freestyle maneuvers, airborne jumps and high-banked turns. Not only is ski cross unique among alpine events, but so too are the machines used to train its competitors. The Innsbruck Institute for Sports Science has one such machine.

When a world-class ski cross athlete recently put the institute’s machine to the test, he sent the carriage hurtling into the end position with such force that the operators worried that the impacts would damage the machine in a relatively short period of time. The machine builder decided to install shock absorbers to solve the problem.

The customer calculated that the shock absorbers must absorb impact velocities ranging from approximately 26 to 33 feet per second. At slower speeds, the impact forces will exceed 45,000 Newtons. For faster runs, impacts will reach as high as 80,000 Newtons. With the help of ACE Controls, the customer chose MA4575 industrial shock absorbers.

The MA4575 features an energy capacity of 11,506 in-lbs per cycle, absorbing 50 percent more energy than its predecessor but with a more compact design. Its large effective load range allows it to handle effective weights ranging from 661 to 1,102,311 pounds. The unit has a 2.91-inch stroke length and maximum length of 9.69 inches. Additional features of the MA4575 include:

  • Front and rear progressive adjustment
  • Annealed guide bearing
  • Integrated positive stop
  • Operating temperature range of 10 to 150°F

Look For High Force Capacity and Flexibility
When you’re building equipment to withstand high impacts at varying velocities, ACE Magnum industrial shock absorbers can help keep your machines up to speed without damage. The MA4575 has been helping the training machine absorb constantly changing impacts, and ski cross testing and training have resumed without interruption.

For more information about ACE Magnum shock absorbers, visit our product page.