ACE Gas Springs Provide Controlled Motion for Emergency Chute Doors

When there’s an emergency at sea, quick and safe evacuation of a vessel can mean the difference between lives saved and lives lost. Exit systems must be activated quickly with as little human or machine power as possible. The Brude MES Evacuation System is one such example of an efficient, effective and easy-to-use means of passenger evacuation.

The system is designed for heights from approximately 10 to 65 feet (3 to 20 meters), and it can be operated manually by just one crew member. During deployment, the container door is released and opens with help from a pair of gas springs. A launch ramp and chute are discharged, and the chute descends to the life raft below. The critical safety equipment manufacturer needed gas springs that were both maintenance-free and compact. For these reasons, they implemented ACE Controls’ GS-28-300 industrial gas springs.

Because the GS-28-300 industrial gas springs provide a defined retraction speed and secure engagement for the evacuation system’s container doors, vessel operators can be sure that — during an emergency — they can operate the chute system manually without needing electric or hydraulic power.

Industrial Gas Springs To the Rescue

The GS-28-300 push-type gas spring has a body diameter of ⊘1.10 inches, piston rod diameter of ⊘0.55 inch and an 11.81-inch stroke length. The maximum extension force is 562 pounds. These durable and sealed systems are ready for installation, maintenance-free and filled with pressurized nitrogen gas. Additional features and specifications include:

  • End position damping range from approximately 1.18 to 2.76 inches
  • Operating temperature range of -4 to +176°F
  • Interchangeable end fittings

ACE industrial gas springs are filled according to your pressure requirements, and a built-in relief valve allows you to make additional pressure adjustments. And when you enter your installation requirements into our online sizing and configuration tool, 2D and 3D simulations will help you pinpoint the exact fit you need for your assembly.

Well-Suited for Safety Applications

This maritime evacuation system is another example of how our industrial gas springs provide controlled motion and effective load handling in safety applications where fast, efficient operation is critical. When doors or flaps must be opened quickly and safely, our industrial gas springs can be a lifeline.

For more information about our push-type industrial gas springs, visit our product page.