Specialized Elastomer Washers Protect Ball Screws Against Shock Load Damage

SKFProtecting industrial machinery and equipment against shock and vibration is a key requirement for keeping manufacturing operations running smoothly and minimizing downtime. Damping pads are often used to achieve these goals, cushioning equipment and absorbing shock and impact before these forces can have a negative impact on productivity. As an example, PAD plates from Ace Controls are widely specified as shock-absorbing underlayment for industrial presses and large machinery in manufacturing plants, underneath cranes and pipelines as impact plates and in a wide range of other heavy-duty applications.

Because these rugged fiber and elastomer pads offer such high performance in absorbing shock loads, PAD material is now being specified not just as a way to support heavy machines but also as a way to absorb shock within the machine. One example is PAD’s recent adoption as an impact-damping washer in a line of robust ball screws from SKF.

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