What You Need To Know About Replacing Your Industrial Shock Absorbers

Industrial shock absorbers are an essential component in industrial manufacturing and motion control. They are used to absorb energy from impacts on machinery, reducing wear and tear and increasing the rate of production. Industrial shock absorbers also reduce vibration, allowing for smoother operation of machines. By using industrial shock absorbers, manufacturers can ensure that their machines run more efficiently and safely for longer periods of time. Most of the time, industrial shock absorbers are used in the manufacturing and packaging industry, but they are also used anywhere from the food and beverage industry, medical, or even amusement park rides.

While industrial shock absorbers can last for a long time, it’s critically important to recognize when they need to be replaced. All of the shocks at ACE Controls are tested to 1.5 million cycles but some units that utilize rolling seal technology (such as the MC 150-MC600) have been reported to last up to 25 million cycles in the field! Typically you can recognize when an industrial shock absorber needs to be replaced when the seals start to wear out, the accumulator may not return as fully, the damping will soften, or sometimes oil will begin to leak out. When any of these signs are spotted, the industrial shock absorbers need to be replaced. Once they are used beyond their lifespan, they will eventually stop absorbing the energy they were installed for and no longer provide any benefit to the system. The energy that the shocks should be absorbing will go straight into the machine, causing extra noise and vibrations. It can even damage other parts of the system, creating more problems.

Thankfully, the industrial shock absorbers from ACE Controls can be easily replaced or repaired. Nearly all of our industrial shock absorbers have threaded bodies or are installed with a built in flange, which makes swapping them out relatively painless. Larger units are even repairable so you can send your industrial or heavy industrial shock absorbers back to be evaluated and repaired, which can be a cost-effective way of continuing their use. The miniature shock absorbers are not repairable, but nearly all are available on our website for a quick reorder or from any of our numerous distributors, many who carry stock of some items.

You can order any of our industrial shock absorbers online directly, or speak to one of our experts to find the perfect motion control system for you!