New App Turns Apple iOS Devices Into Professional Vibration Measurement Tools

ACE Controls’ new VibroChecker PRO native iOS app turns iPhones and iPads into professional vibration and impact measuring devices, providing users with a high-performance, lightweight alternative to more costly systems.

The original VibroChecker app from Ace Controls uses the acceleration sensors, gyroscopes and microphones integrated in the iPhone and iPad to measure vibrations on machines and components within a frequency range of up to 50 Hz. Upgrading to the new ‘PRO’ version of the app increases the range up to 8,000Hz. The user simply has to connect an external USB sensor (available from a 3rd party) to the iOS device via the lightning port and an adaptor.

Measurement results can be saved or emailed directly to Ace Controls.

Download the new app here: mpt=uo=2