ACE Gas Springs Come to the Rescue of an Emergency Helicopter Operator

During helicopter rescue missions, speed is critical. Rescuers can’t afford to be slowed down by doors that don’t open and close easily. And when the doors are easier to use, their faster action makes entering and exiting the aircraft safer.

That’s why the Austrian Air Rescue (AAR) company recently turned to ACE Controls to enhance its helicopters’ access doors. This improvement has allowed rescue personnel to enter and exit the helicopter swiftly—boosting the likelihood of a safe and successful mission.

A Leader in Helicopter Rescue

With 18 EC135 helicopters in its fleet, the AAR is said to be the largest rescue helicopter operator of its kind. The AAR is a reason why Austria is considered one of the world’s best emergency medical-supplied countries. Because the AAR covers the Alps, whose rugged terrain already makes rescue operations difficult, rescuers can’t afford to be slowed down by helicopter doors that don’t easily open and close when needed.

Industrial Gas Springs to the Rescue

The AAR recently built our GS-19-300-CC industrial gas springs into its helicopters’ access doors. This push-type unit is part of the GS-19 industrial gas spring family with body diameters ranging from 0.31 to 2.76 inches. These units can provide 2 to 2,923 pounds of extension force—including 101 pounds of force with an 11.81-inch stroke. These durable and sealed gas springs come pre-filled with pressurized natural gas, making them easy to install.

Our GS-19-300-CC industrial gas spring has given the helicopter access doors a defined retraction speed and secure door lock engagement. And thanks to the gas spring’s integrated end-position damper, the doors can be closed gently, which saves wear and tear on the doors’ lightweight material.

With our gas springs now in place, rescue personnel can enter and exit the helicopter swiftly, increasing the likelihood of a safe and successful mission.

When You Need Speed and Safety the Most

This helicopter door application demonstrates how our industrial gas springs deliver the control you need to stay safe—especially in applications where quick operation is essential. When doors or flaps in critical applications require rapid movement, as well as strength to safely support the load, our industrial gas springs can be a lifesaver.

For more information about our push-type industrial gas springs, visit our product page.

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