Industrial Gas Springs Help Intensive Care Teams Fight COVID-19

As Wuhan, China became the first metropolis to confront the fast-spreading SARS-CoV-2 virus, crisis managers desperately needed equipment, including mobile X-ray machines. These devices would provide intensive care physicians with pictures of patients’ lungs quickly.

Shortly before the outbreak, medical imaging specialist Beijing Wandong Medical Technology Co., Ltd. began developing a mobile X-ray device with a beam arm that could be adjusted based on the patient’s anatomy. The machine’s design required a reliable gas spring that could support the arm and prevent it from dropping—ensuring the safety of both users and patients. Suddenly Beijing Wandong needed a large quantity of springs, and they turned to ACE to provide them quickly.

Gas Springs Save Space and Provide Support

The mobile X-ray machine weighed in at 66.1 pounds, while its beam arm weighed 22 pounds. In addition to the total weight, ACE engineers had to take into account the starting point (0 degrees) and opening angle (130 degrees) when choosing the specific gas spring.

Based on these requirements, the engineering team selected GZ-28-450 pull-type gas springs, which are part of our industrial gas spring family. GZ-28-450 gas springs have a 1.10-inch outer diameter and maximum force of 2,700 pounds at a stroke length of 17.72 inches—making them well-suited for the mobile X-ray unit’s requirements.

Not only did these gas springs reliably hold the beam arm in its final position, they also added muscle when raising and lowering the arm. In doing so, they work in an opposite way than push-type gas springs: the gas pressure in the cylinder draws the piston rod in and supports the manual force required for controlled motion when moving the arm. And no matter the stroke length, the GZ-28-450’s traction force is adjustable, thanks to its built-in relief valve.

Reliable Gas Springs Overcome a Unique Challenge

Whether during peak crisis times or the calm clinical situations afterwards, our industrial gas springs have increased the safety and user-friendliness of Wandong’s mobile X-ray units. And like our industrial gas springs, we lived up to our reputation for solving problems by delivering a critically needed product without delay.

For more information about our pull-type gas springs, download our case study.

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