Shock Absorbers Solve Balance-Testing Bottlenecks for Fan Manufacturer

When you want to put a rotating part through its paces, detecting unwanted vibration will often be part of the test regimen. In recent years, the process of testing and balancing rotating parts, has increasingly been automated by test systems that can measure balance—verifying that the part’s mass is evenly distributed around its rotational center.

Recently a manufacturer of engine cooling fans sought to end frequent bottlenecks caused by its tester-balancers. The balancers’ overhead unit, which weighs approximately 220 pounds, cycles up and down on pneumatic rodless actuators. Each machine has four shock absorbers — two up and two down. However, the machine builder’s originally installed shock absorbers experienced early end-of-life issues that stalled production. With three tester-balancers in its facility, the fan manufacturer’s yield suffered.

The fan manufacturer had previous success with ACE Controls products, so its local ACE representative was already familiar with the application. After an ACE on-site visit and technical sizing support, they chose MC3325-3 industrial shock absorbers. Part of ACE’s MAGNUM Series, these shock absorbers are designed to deliver longer service life, even in the most difficult environments. They’re also self-compensating, so they react to changing energy conditions without adjustment. Additional features include:

  • High energy absorption to 1,505 in-lbs per cycle.
  • Stroke to 0.91 inch.
  • Compact design.
  • A wide damping range.

Thanks to the MC3325-3 industrial shock absorbers along with ACE technical support, the customer was able to reduce cycle time and increase its yield/pieces per hour. And since the shocks were properly sized, the balancer also experienced less downtime.

Industrial Shock Absorbers Stand the Test of Time

Fan balancer-testers are another example of an automated machine that must maintain uptime in spite of heavy moving parts that deliver punishing shock and impacts to critical components. ACE Controls’ MAGNUM shock absorbers — like the MC3325-3 — can handle high effective loads and are built for harsh conditions that can shorten the life of less-robust shock absorbers. The result: reliable operation and a long lifetime that tilt the balance of productivity in your favor.

For more information about ACE Controls’ Industrial Shock Absorbers, visit the product page.

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