Case Studies

Extra-Large Shock Absorbers Keep Ship Lock Intact Despite Collision
ACE Profile Dampers Protect Motion Systems From Dangerous Crashes
ACE Industrial Shock Absorbers Improve Oil Refinery Safety Valves
ACE Dampers And Safety Bumpers Absorb Forces In Motion Simulators
Gas Springs Help Heavy Wooden Gate Roll Over Uneven Ground
ACE Mounts Protect Oil-Pump Test Bench From Unwanted Vibration
Environmentally Friendly Crop-Spraying System Utilizes ACE Hydraulic Dampers
ACE Cup Mounts In Noisy Elevator Bring Peace And Quiet To Nearby Residents
ACE Gas Springs Improve The Safety Of A New Barrel Agitator Station
No More Fear Of Flying
ACE Shock Absorbers And Clamps Used In High-Tech Cable Cutting Machine
Hydraulic Brake Cylinders Improve Bicycle Wheel Truing Process
Protecting Falling Quadrocopters With ACE Shock Absorbers
ACE Gas Springs Improve Racecar Acceleration
ACE Industrial Shock Absorbers Protect Oil Rig Pipelines
Specialized Elastomer Washers Protect Ball Screws Against Shock Load Damage
Locking Gas Springs Ensure Safety And Flexibility of Medical System
ACE Isolates Vibration In Chocolate Manufacturing
ACE Shock Absorbers Isolate Noise In Hydraulic Test Stand
Safety Dampers Protect Linear Modules From Runaway Motion